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Doug Witter
24 November
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Just a cop doing his job for the most part. I work in Capeside, Ma, where my family has been on the police force since the stone age. I want to go somewhere else but can't at present.
But capeside is a quiet little town, and we have about 8 full time police officers. I am not kidding there are only 8. We have about 15 part time/ reserve officers though.
I like to travel and my fav places are New York, and DC.
I have four younger siblings, three sisters, and an annoying little brother in high school. I also have three annoying nephews and nieces courtesy of my sister Kerry, who is married to this biker dude Barry, occasionally, they get seperated a lot.
Why am I writing this....Just incase, you don't figure out from my entries. My family is fucking weird. But I still love them for the most part.
I like broadway musicals, and jazz, and a lot of different type of music. I like to think this shows I am a soft and complex person, not a homosexual like my brother thinks. I have nothing wrong with homosexuals, but I AM NOT GAY!!! GET THAT PACEY!!!
I have a pilot's license but I rarely get to use it. My dad had me get to fly this plane we have, which I think we have used maybe three times and is a rust bucket. But I try to sneak away, I know this place that lets you rent small planes for an hour. But it is expensive, and I don't get much money, because I am at the low end of the totem pole at work. Though I work the hardest of all the officers it seems.
I like to do decoupage.

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